Scanning electron microscope



【課題】従来、汎用の走査電子顕微鏡では、設定可能な最大の加速電圧が低く、通常の高分解能観察条件で観察可能な結晶薄膜試料は格子面間隔が大きい試料に限定されていた。このため、高精度に倍率校正を行う手段がなかった。 【解決手段】電子線を発生する電子源と、前記電子線で前記試料上を走査するように偏向する偏向器と、前記試料上に前記電子線を集束する対物レンズと、前記試料を透過した散乱電子および非散乱電子を検出する検出器と、前記試料と前記検出器の間に配置され前記散乱電子及び前記非散乱電子の検出角を制御する絞りと、を備え、前記電子線は所定の開き角で試料に入射し、前記試料上でビーム径が最小となるような第一の開き角より大きい第二の開き角で格子像を取得することを特徴とする。 【選択図】 図8
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To solve the problem that a conventional scanning electron microscope does not include means for high-precision magnification correction since a maximum settable acceleration voltage is low and a crystal thin-film sample which can be observed under normal high-resolution observation conditions is limited to a sample having a large grating surface interval.SOLUTION: A scanning electron microscope includes an electron source which emits an electron beam, a deflector which deflects the electron beam to make a scan on a sample, an objective lens which converges the electron beam on the sample, a detector which detects a scattered electron and an unscattered electron having been transmitted through the sample, and a stop which is arranged between the sample and detector and controls detection angles of the scattered electron and unscattered electron, and is characterized in that the electron beam is incident on the sample at a predetermined angle of aperture and a lattice image is acquired at a second angle of aperture larger than a first angle of aperture such that the beam diameter is minimum on the sample.




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