Double container



【課題】内装容器を外容器内に確実にセットできる二重容器を提供する。 【解決手段】内装容器2の肩部には、外容器3が有する第1係合凹部31に係合して内装容器2及び外容器3の容器軸O回りの相対移動を規制する第1係合突部21が突設され、肩カバー4の頂壁部32には、内装容器2が有する第2係合凹部22に係合する第2係合突部が突設され、第2係合凹部22には、肩カバー4と外容器3とを容器軸O回りの締め付け側Aへ相対回転させて肩カバー4を外容器3に螺着するときに、第2係合突部に係合する係合面22aが形成され、第2係合突部は、係合面22aから容器軸O回りに離間するに従い容器軸O方向に沿う突出高さが漸次低くなっていることを特徴とする。 【選択図】図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a double container in which an inner container can be reliably set in an outer container.SOLUTION: In the double container, a first engaging protrusion 21 that engages with a first engaging recess 31 included in the outer container 3 to restrict a relative movement between the inner container 2 and the outer container 3 about a container axis O is protruded from a shoulder part of the inner container 2, a second engaging protrusion that engages with a second engaging recess 22 included in the inner container 2 is protruded from a top wall part 32 of a shoulder cover 4, an engaging surface 22a that engages with the second engaging protrusion when the shoulder cover 4 is screwed to the outer container 3 by rotating the shoulder cover 4 and the outer container 3 relatively to each other on a fastening side A about the container axis O, is formed at the second engaging recess 22, and the second engaging protrusion has a protrusion height along a direction of the container axis O, which is gradually lowered as being spaced apart from the engaging surface 22a about the container axis O.




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