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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To eliminate deviation in performance symbols to be stationarily displayed when receiving operations of a performance button a plurality of times and executing a performance.SOLUTION: A performance control part 403 executes an operation performance for causing predetermined symbols to emerge a plurality of times according to an operation input received by a reception part 1823 within a prescribed period during a symbol variable display by a variable display part 1822. When a variable performance is started, the performance control part 403 selects final symbols to finally emerge in a plurality of symbols having different reliability of a jackpot. The performance control part 403 selects the number of a final performance representing how many operation performances the final symbols among the plurality of operation performances emerge. When the same number of operation performance as the number of the final performance is executed, the performance control part 403 causes the final symbols to emerge and, during operation performances till the number of the final performance, causes symbols with less reliability than the final symbols to emerge.
【課題】複数回の演出ボタンの操作を受け付けて演出をおこなう際、停止表示させる演出図柄に偏りをなくすこと。 【解決手段】演出制御部403は、変動表示部1822による図柄の変動表示中の所定期間内に、受付部1823によって受け付けられた操作入力に応じて所定の図柄を出現させる操作演出を複数回おこなう。演出制御部403は、大当たりに対する信頼度の異なる複数の図柄のうち、最終的に出現させる最終図柄を変動演出開始時に選択する。演出制御部403は、複数回の操作演出のうち、何回目の操作演出で最終図柄を出現させるかを示す最終回数を選択する。演出制御部403は、最終回数と同数の操作演出がおこなわれると最終図柄を出現させ、最終回数までの操作演出では最終図柄よりも信頼度の低い図柄を出現させる。 【選択図】図18−2




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