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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a game machine capable of preventing a game from not being performed normally due to an abnormality in a distribution device.SOLUTION: A distribution member 202 provided at a distribution device 200 alternately switches between a state of easily distributing a game ball to a left passage 203 among multiple passages and a state of easily distributing the game ball to a right passage 204, on the basis of inflow of the game ball from an inflow port 201. The distribution device determines a winning order abnormality if four or more game balls are detected continuously in either a first start winning port 13 or a second start winning port 14. The distribution device transmits a command that shows variation time and a variation mode before ready-to-win, such as presence or absence of pseudo continuation, presence or absence of slide performance, etc., and transmits a command that shows the variation time and a performance execution mode after the ready-to-win, such as a kind of the ready-to-win, presence or absence of re-lottery performance, etc., as a variation pattern command.
【課題】振分装置の異常により遊技を正常に行えなくなることを防止できるようにする。 【解決手段】振分装置200に設けられた振分部材202は、流入口201から遊技球が流入したことにもとづいて、複数の通路のうちの左側通路203に遊技球を振り分けやすい状態と右側通路204に遊技球を振り分けやすい状態とに交互に切り替わる。そして、第1始動入賞口13と第2始動入賞口14とのいずれか一方に4以上連続して遊技球が検出された場合に入賞順異常と判定する。また、変動パターンコマンドとして、擬似連の有無、滑り演出の有無など、リーチとなる以前の変動時間や変動態様を示すコマンドおよびリーチの種類や再抽選演出の有無など、リーチとなった以降の変動時間や演出の実行態様を示すコマンドを送信する。 【選択図】図28




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