Sheet object supply method and sheet object supply device



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a sheet object supply method and a sheet object supply device that can accurately take out sheet objects one by one from a plurality of laminated sheet objects.SOLUTION: The sheet object supply device 5, which laminates a plurality of sheet objects 3 in the thickness direction thereof and feeds the plurality of sheet objects 3 one by one, comprises: travelling/driving means 9 for travelling a displacement body 7; and a regulating member 11 that is positioned ahead in a direction of travelling the displacement body 7 respect to the sheet objects 3 and opposes to the displacement body 7. One piece of sheet object 3 moves along with travelling of the displacement body 7 and enters between the displacement body 7 and the regulating member 11. This causes the displacement body 7 to be flexed and displaced by thickness of the one piece of sheet object 3 in a separate direction from the regulating member 11.
【課題】積層された複数の枚葉物から一枚ずつ枚葉物を正確に取り出すことのできる枚葉物供給方法、及び枚葉物供給装置を提供する。 【解決手段】枚葉物供給装置5は、複数の枚葉物3をその厚み方向に積層し、複数の枚葉物3を一枚ずつ順に送り出すものであり、変位体7を走行させる走行駆動手段9と、枚葉物3に対して変位体7の走行する向きの前方に位置し変位体7に対向する規制部材11とを備える。一枚の枚葉物3'は、変位体7の走行に従い移動し変位体7と規制部材11との間に進入する。これにより変位体7が一枚の枚葉物3'の厚み分、規制部材11から離れる向きに撓み変位する。 【選択図】図1




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