Method for manufacturing optical waveguide device, optical waveguide device, and optical waveguide connector



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method for manufacturing an optical waveguide device with high productivity, an optical waveguide device, and an optical waveguide connector.SOLUTION: The method for manufacturing an optical waveguide device comprises the steps of: forming a photocurable heat-foaming resin layer on a light-transmitting substrate; laminating an optical waveguide film having a plurality of optical waveguides arranged into a row in a lateral direction on the heat-foaming resin layer; curing the heat-foaming resin layer by irradiating the heat-foaming resin layer through the light-transmitting substrate with light in an irradiation quantity which differs by each region segmented along the plurality of optical waveguides; forming a gap in the heat-foaming resin layer and the optical waveguide film to separate the regions from one another; and heating and foaming the heat-foaming resin layer.
【課題】 生産性が高い光導波路デバイスの製造方法、光導波路デバイス、及び光導波路コネクタを提供する。 【解決手段】 光導波路デバイスの製造方法は、光硬化性の熱発泡樹脂層を光透過性基板に形成する工程と、前記熱発泡樹脂層に、横一列に並ぶ複数の光導波路が形成された光導波路膜を積層する工程と、前記光透過性基板を介し、前記熱発泡樹脂層に、前記複数の光導波路に沿って分割された領域ごとに異なる照射量で光を照射することにより、前記熱発泡樹脂層を硬化させる工程と、前記熱発泡樹脂層及び前記光導波路膜に、前記領域同士を隔てる隙間を形成する工程と、前記熱発泡樹脂層を加熱発泡させる工程とを含む。 【選択図】図7




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