Arc-welding apparatus, arc-welding system, and arc-welding method



【課題】溶接材の消耗を抑制しながら入熱を制御できるアーク溶接装置を提供する。 【解決手段】アーク溶接装置A1は、溶接条件を取得する溶接条件取得部U1と、溶接条件に応じて必要入熱を算出する入熱算出部U3と、短絡状態及びアーク状態の周波数を、必要入熱が大きくなるのに応じて小さくなるように設定する周波数設定部U4と、ワークWに対し溶接ワイヤ44を前進及び後退させることを上記周波数で繰り返し行う送給機構41とを備える。 【選択図】図3
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an arc-welding apparatus capable of controlling a heat input while suppressing consumption of a welding material.SOLUTION: An arc-welding apparatus A1 includes: a welding condition obtainment part U1 for obtaining a welding condition; a heat input calculation part U3 for calculating a necessary heat input in accordance with the welding condition; a frequency setup part U4 for setting a frequency of shorting and arcing states so as to decrease proportionately as the necessary heat input increases; and a feed-supply mechanism 41 for advancing and retracting a welding wire 44 relatively to a work W repeatedly in the frequency.




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