Sheet conveying device and height adjustment mechanism



【課題】前段の装置の排出口と後段の装置の搬入口との高さが異なる場合においても、その差の大きさに関わらず円滑に用紙を搬送させること。 【解決手段】前段の画像形成装置10から排出された用紙を後段の用紙処理装置20まで搬送する用紙搬送部Kを備えた用紙搬送装置30において、用紙搬送部Kは、当該用紙搬送部Kの用紙搬送経路の一部の傾斜角度を調整可能な高さ調整機構100を備え、高さ調整機構100は、搬送される用紙の下面を支持するガイド板351と、ガイド板351の用紙搬送方向の一端部において、搬送される用紙の幅方向に沿って延在するよう配され、当該ガイド板を回動させる支軸(軸部)353と、ガイド板351に配され、当該ガイド板351上の用紙を用紙搬送方向の下流側に搬送する搬送ローラー355aと、搬送ローラー355aを駆動させる駆動部と、を備える。 【選択図】図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To smoothly convey a sheet, even when a carry-out port of a preceding device and a carry-in port of a subsequent device are different from each other in height, regardless of the magnitude of the difference.SOLUTION: In a sheet conveying device 30 including a sheet conveying part K for conveying a sheet ejected from a preceding image formation device 10 to a subsequent sheet processing device 20, the sheet conveying part K includes a height adjustment mechanism 100 capable of adjusting an inclination angle of a part of a sheet conveying path of the sheet conveying part K, and the height adjustment mechanism 100 includes: a guide plate 351 for supporting a lower surface of the conveyed sheet; a support shaft (shaft part) 353 arranged extending in a width direction of the conveyed sheet at one end in a sheet conveying direction of the guide plate 351 for rotating the guide plate; a conveying roller 355a arranged at the guide plate 351 for conveying the sheet on the guide plate 351 to the downstream side in the sheet conveying direction; a drive part for driving the conveying roller 355a.




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